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Take Sensual Massage To A Whole New Level

Massage. Ah….just that word alone makes you want to close your eyes and enjoy yourself. Picture this: you call up our service and ask for one of our Las Vegas escorts to be your special date for the night. They will be able to send one of their girls direct to your room to meet you for some wining and dining. Afterwards, you hit the best Las Vegas entertainment hot spots while imagining what awaits when you get back to your room. The anticipation alone will have you quivering with excitement. When you arrive, your special lady will make sure you are entertained and relaxed by offering a variety of different services. One of these is Las Vegas in room massage services.

Having a massage given by one of the most beautiful Las Vegas escorts available will be the highlight of the entire night. She will show you how a real massage is given and you will be sure to sleep like a baby afterwards. Ask about Las Vegas sensual massage services the next time you are in the area. The light touch of your call girl’s fingertips will give you goosebumps. She will then apply a bit more pressure and use her entire body to make your own body feel good. This type of massage will be done completely in the nude.

When you ask to have one of our girls direct to you Las Vegas massage service should be on the top of your list of amenities you would like to try. Make sure to let us know when you call so your stunning date will bring along a few props to make the entire experience exhilarating. She will be be well prepared with oils and lotions that will help saturate your skin to prepare it for sensual massage Las Vegas spas cannot provide.

From here, your personal masusse will use her fingertips to warm you up for the real massage. Sexual massage Las Vegas escorts provide will need for you both to be completely nude so you will feel the complete effect. Just knowing that a woman will be sliding around on your back will be arousing, which is what most guys are hoping for when getting in room massage Las Vegas style. While we cannot get into complete detail about what will happen when we send one of our girls to your room Las Vegas massage procedures given will be one of the best times of your life. As the motto goes, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Sharing The Experience

Enjoying a Las Vegas sexual massage does not need to be kept to yourself. Many men find that bringing along their significant other can enhance the experience tremendously. Who wouldn’t want to see their own partner enjoying themselves with a sultry massage? Seeing a woman give another woman a massage is a very gratifying experience for both parties. If you are interested in couples massage Las Vegas escorts such as ours are ready and willing to show you the proper way to share the tantalizing experience.

If you are going to surprise your significant other, let her know that you have company coming so they can be prepared for the door knock. Don’t tell her who is coming though. When your Las Vegas erotic massage artist arrives, have her introduce herself to your partner as a professional masseuse. Don’t let your partner in on the part about it being a Las Vegas sensual massage just yet. Have your Las Vegas couples massage artist lead the way in having your partner disrobe, while explaining the procedure as she goes. You may find that the entire experience is very satisfying to you both.

Trying tantric massage Las Vegas massage artists give can be one of the best times of your life. You will not believe the way this relieves stress and how great you will feel afterward. When doing Las Vegas tantric massage, your lovely lady will have you disrobe completely. She will start at the base of your back and work her way up to your neck, giving ample pressure and using basic massage moves. After this warm up, she will add oil to your back and using a chopping movement on the small of your back.

Your escort will then use her lips starting at the base of your spine, working her way up to the top of your shoulder blades. This is a very erotic movement that will make it difficult to keep yourself contained during the process. The massage continues with the use of dry friction to heat up your back. This will also heat you up front, making the massage get even more interesting. Your beautiful massage artist will then flip herself over to face your feet. She will apply pressure along the ankles and move up each leg, giving you intense pleasure. Remember, the entire time this Las Vegas tantra massage is given, you are both totally nude. The oils that tantra massage Las Vegas call girls apply will then be used in full swing.

Many guys find that oriental women are the most experienced at giving nuru massage. If you are thinking about trying nuru massage Las Vegas escorts from our service are well seasoned in the proper procedures in having a satisfying massage of this nature. Las Vegas asian massage artists are usually the most sought out for this type of massage because it is native to their country. They know the tricks and trades of making you feel your best during this entertaining massage.

Our asian massage Las Vegas girls will make sure you are slicked up and ready to slip and slide along with her. The massage takes a lot of oil so it is preferred to have a separate sheet that can be used on your hotel bed so it does not become unusable. Your massage artist will bring these things along with her. You will be asked to disrobe as this is a Las Vegas naked massage. Las Vegas nuru massage starts off like a normal massage but quickly becomes an erotic bed of oil with naked bodies sliding on each other to apply the force that relieves muscles. It is one of the most erotic experiences a guy can have so it is highly recommended.

Add Music To The Mix

If you are the type of guy that feels embarrassed and unsure of what to say in awkward situations, consider putting on some music in your room during your erotic massage Las Vegas travelers enjoy. The beat and the bass will amplify the feelings you experience, making the entire time even more erotic. Your Las Vegas call girl will alter her movements depending on the sounds she hears, allowing you to determine the speed and intensity of the massage simply by the songs you select.

If you have music in your room, do not be surprised if your Las Vegas in room massage services will start off with some stripper action. Even if you didn’t ask for this service, your hot girl for the night may be in the mood for some dancing once she hears the sounds of the music. This can get things started, as she will be in a great position for disrobing with the music. Perhaps you will like to join in and do a little dancing of your own. Remove your clothing piece by piece and then sprawl out on your bed to await your titillating massage.

Why Naked Massage?

Being completely naked will help enhance all of your senses during your massage. Having clothing in the way will make the massage a little harder for your beautiful escort to administer. Having your body free of clothing allows her to move her hands over all portions of your body, making sure that she did not skip any parts that are in desperate need of loving attention. If you are nervous about being completely nude, do not fear. Your escort will dim the lights by using her own tealight candles to help enhance the mood needed when giving you your massage. She will not be at all offended and would rather you took everything off so she could satisfy every muscle in your body.

Your escort needs to be naked for the experience, as well. Most guys order this service because they want to feel the skin of another woman upon their own. Taking off her own clothes will get her into the mood to use her oils properly and to use the power of body heat to help bring about a sexual feeling while giving the massage. This is the ultimate massage experience and clothing will just hinder the overall satisfaction you feel. Naked massage Las Vegas escorts give may just end up being on your list of must haves every time you come visit the sin city.

When you call us to reserve your appointment for a sensual massage Las Vegas escorts that work for us will be considered and one will be selected to match your needs. If you feel that you have specific preferences in the type of woman we send, we encourage you to let us know over the phone before we make a decision on which of our stunning women will be the lucky one to service you for the evening. If you have preferences in the type of massage you will be receiving, let us know this information, as well. While all of our women are capable of giving massage, some types are better suited for certain escorts over others. If you want a couples massage, for example, you may want to have two women available to give them at the same time. If you are into nuru massage Las Vegas, then a Las Vegas asian massage artist might be better for this specific situation because they specialize in this type of artistry.

We have women with every color hair, every stature, every height and every nationality. If there is a type that you do not want, that is even more important. Make sure to tell us if a certain type of woman will remind you of an ex or if it will hinder your experience overall. We do not want to send someone who will make you feel uncomfortable in any way. If you have had services from us in the past, do not hesitate to let us know the name of any previous call girl you spent time with so we can try to adjust her schedule so she will be available for you.

The End To A Perfect Evening

The ultimate goal of your date is to have a fun time that will keep you entertained throughout the evening. Our escorts enjoy going out on the town and showing off their good looks while keeping you far from boredom during your excursion. She will be there to cheer you on at the card table and she will make the perfect dance partner. When you both start feeling tired from walking around the city, have your date accompany you back to your room for a Las Vegas happy ending with some massage.

Your pretty escort will give you a relaxing massage to give you the type of happy ending Las Vegas travelers like yourself deserve. If you wish for a little more than a back rub, she will be happy to incorporate a Las Vegas sensual massage into the procedure, giving you the thrill of a little more than a standard rubdown. Her flirtatious movements and light touches will be enough to whisk you away into another realm, allowing you to feel what you had only fantasized about in the past. Give us a call and allow us to show you how much fun you can have!

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